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You're in control! Vote on the sites you want to see! (optional)

Simply vote on sites while you surf and we will continue to show you more of the sites we think you'll like, and less of the others. This is an optional component that we provide for members that want to better customize their surfing experience.

Step 1: Click on the Thumbs-up or Thumbs-down (optional)

Step 2: Click on the matching number to proceed to the next site

Things to Consider

  • You can vote on as many or as few sites as you like. This is an optional component. When you vote, that option will be highlighted and your vote will be submitted when you proceed to the next site.
  • Rating sites will have an impact on the types of sites you will see in the future, so if you are going to vote, please vote carefully.
  • The more sites you rate, the more accurate we can be at delivering sites we think you'll like.
  • The more times you vote UP a site, the greater the chance of seeing similar sites over time.
  • The more times you vote DOWN a site, the less chance you will see that site in the future. We will also reduce the frequency of similar sites over time as well.
  • Voting data is compiled at regular intervals throughout the day and may not be reflected immediately in your surf session.

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